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FROM debian:stretch
LABEL maintainer="Christopher L.D. SHEN ("
RUN apt-get update \
&& apt-get install -y fakeroot simg2img\
&& apt-get clean \
&& rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/* /var/tmp/*
# hikey970_tools
tools to build hikey970 gentoo system
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tools to build gentoo system for hikey970
docker build -t yrzr/hikey970_tools:img ./
DIR="$( cd "$( dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )" && pwd )"
cd ${DIR}
if [ ! -d ${DIR}/out/ ]; then
mkdir -p ${DIR}/out/
if [ ! -d ${DIR}/../aosp-device-linaro-hikey ]; then
git clone -b hikey970_v1.0 --depth=1 ${DIR}/../aosp-device-linaro-hikey
cd ${DIR}/../aosp-device-linaro-hikey && git apply ${DIR}/
docker run --rm \
-v ${DIR}/../aosp-device-linaro-hikey:/root \
yrzr/hikey970_tools:img \
bash -c "cd /root/l-loader/ && PRODUCT=hikey970 PTABLE=linux-64g SECTOR_SIZE=4096 SGDISK=./sgdisk bash -x ./"
cp -v ${DIR}/../aosp-device-linaro-hikey/l-loader/prm_ptable.img ${DIR}/out/
diff --git a/l-loader/ b/l-loader/
index 88f1d619..88f82b4a 100755
--- a/l-loader/
+++ b/l-loader/
@@ -233,11 +233,13 @@ case ${PTABLE} in
#[11: trustfirmware: 417M-419M]
fakeroot ${SGDISK} -n 11:0:+2M -t 11:0700 -u 11:f1e126a6-ceef-45c1-aace-29f33ac9cf13 -c 11:"trustfirmware" ${TEMP_FILE}
#[12: system: 419M-5107M]
- fakeroot ${SGDISK} -n 12:0:+4688M -t 12:8300 -u 12:c3e50923-fb85-4153-b925-759614d4dfcd -c 12:"system" ${TEMP_FILE}
+ fakeroot ${SGDISK} -n 12:0:+56G -t 12:8300 -u 12:c3e50923-fb85-4153-b925-759614d4dfcd -c 12:"system" ${TEMP_FILE}
#[13: vendor: 5107M-5891M]
fakeroot ${SGDISK} -n 13:0:+784M -t 13:0700 -u 13:919d7080-d71a-4ae1-9227-e4585210c837 -c 13:"vendor" ${TEMP_FILE}
#[14: reserved: 5891M-5892M]
fakeroot ${SGDISK} -n 14:0:+1M -t 14:0700 -u 14:611eac6b-bc42-4d72-90ac-418569c8e9b8 -c 14:"reserved" ${TEMP_FILE}
+ #[15: swap: 6892M-End]
+ fakeroot ${SGDISK} -n -E -t 15:8300 -u 15:9501eade-20fb-4bc7-83d3-62c1be3ed92d -c 15:"swap" ${TEMP_FILE}
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